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The various jargons used in casino Gambling

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Casino games have been played since many decades. Casino which used to be played in club houses has now reached our houses through online gambling. In recent years online gambling has become the new way of playing casinos because of its convenience of allowing the players to play from their homes or offices. Because of online gambling sites like M88, many new players are trying their luck in it, but there are some terms which they might not be that familiar with.


The terms and jargons often used in casino games

Here are few commonly used jargons in casino games:

  • Chips – These are the coin like token which are used as currency in online gambling
  • Odds– The probability of winning or losing.
  • Jackpot– The word all gamblers love to hear depicts a big win of a slot machine.
  • Dice – In games like craps when two identical cubes are used for the game, its termed as dice.
  • Push – When there is a tie between the player and dealer.
  • Cut – It is splitting the deck of cards before dealing with them.
  • Early Surrender – Before dealer can check for blackjack, surrender is allowed.
  • Inside – This is referred for number like 5, 6 and also 8 and 9 in games like craps.
  • Max Bet – It is the maximum amount of credit that a player can bet on one spin.
  • Dog – A term used for ‘underdog’ which means a player who has lower probability of winning.
  • Pot – The term used in poker which signifies the amount a player can bet in a hand.
  • No Limit Poker– The game in which there isn’t a limit set on amount of money to be bet in the game.
  • Lines – This means odds.
  • Push – When contestants end up with a tie, which means the game has no winner.
  • Bad bet – When a player loses the game with strong hand.
  • Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot which goes on increasing in size as people start playing the game.

These are the terms which might help new players to understand online casino gambling terms better.

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