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Here Is All You Need To Know About Royal Crown 3 Card Brag

Posted under Casino by admin on July 19, 2016 12:33 pm ||

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag is one of the most lovable casino games. It features 52-card deck. There are no jockers in the card deck. All the cards in this interesting game are reshuffled prior to each deal. Unlike other casino games, Royal Crown 3 Card Brag involves players playing against the casino itself. There is a virtual dealer which acts as the casino. The goal of the game is to beat the croupier. This is achieved by collecting three card hand with a higher rank.


When you are playing Royal Crown 3 Card Brag, you will only be allowed to use one hand. The game also involves two types of bets; Pair and Ante bonus. The size of ante is usually more than 50 credits.


When you make a bet, you will receive three cards. All the three cards are held facing up. The croupier deals the cards to him/herself.


When this happens, the player decides if he/she wants to continue playing the game or not. This is done by making a side bet, commonly referred to as Play. When this happens, the dealer will reveal his hand so that the game can continue. If the player decides to fold the wagered money, the bet comes to an end for that particular round.


If it happens that the dealer doesn’t have the hand that is ranked lowest e.g the queen, the player will get a payout which is equal to 1 ante.


In the event that the dealer has the lowest ranked hand, both his hand and that of the player are compared. If it is realized that the hand of the player has a higher ranking when compared to that of the dealer, the two bets will be paid in the ratio of 1:1. But if the dealer wins the bet, the bet of the player will go back to the cashier.


It is important to understand that in Royal Crown 3 Card Brag, you cannot exchange cards. It is prohibited to do that. In addition, the rules do not allow players or dealer to make manipulations that can give a person added advantage in the course of playing. This makes it a fair casino game.


There are pair bonus bets as well as bonus payouts in Royal Crown 3 Card Brag. We are going to look at some precise examples so that you can understand better.


The user will get a guranteed payout when particular hands are formed. In this scenario, the hand of the dealer and the outcome of the draw are not taken into consideration. Calculation of amounts is based on these multiplications. Straight flush(4:1), Straight (1:1) and Three of a kind (5:1).


You can place the additional bet depending on your preferences as a player. You can place it without the ante. This is why this kind of bet is usually considered to be an individual competition. If the hand of the customer is collected, payment of the bet will be made.


In conclusion, this is all you need to know about Royal Crown 3D Brag. It is an exceptional casino game that will make you enjoy and win money at the same time.

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